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Get new movie rentals for as low as $4.25 by buying one of our prepaid bundles!

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Subscription Package
For $25.00 you will be able to rent as many library stock films as you like, up to 3 at a time over a period of 31 days.

RULES: No more than 3 movies out at a time (this deal includes all library stock films). All movies are due back 31 days from the initial rental and anything returned after 31 days is subject to normal late charges.

Weekly Deals
2 for 1

2 for $5
5 for $5
TV Day
Rent 2 get 1
Foreign & Docs
Rent 1 movie and get a second one of equal or lesser value for free
Rent 2 yellow sticker movies for $5
5 library films for 5 nights for $5.00

New TV good for 1 extra night
Library stock TV good for a week
Rent 2 new red sticker films, get 1 library stock film for no charge
$1 off new & old foreign films
•$1 off new & old documentaries

Student Saver Pricing
5 library stock films for 5 nights for $5.00
1 new release + 1 library stock film for $6.00

Must have a valid college or university student ID!
 (sorry, high schoolers!)