Saturday, March 14, 2020

March 10th New Releases

Available on DVD & Blu-Ray
This Biography drama Won one oscar and was nominated for 2 more as well as 22 other awards and 51 nomination. This is the movie of the week and one we think everyone should watch.

Charlies Angels
Available on DVD and Blu-Ray
Big budget action explody extravaganza of explody action fun.

The Goldfinch
Available on DVD
A small drama with a huge worldwide Boxoffice of over $330million and a audience favorite.

The Velocipastor
Available on DVD
Ridiculous comedy action adventure that is fun in a terrible way.

Trauma center
Available on Blu-Ray
Action, thriller.

Seven Worlds One Planet
Available on DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K
Very high end BBC nature series the 4K is unbelievably beautiful to watch.

The Affair: final season
Available on DVD
Winner of 3 Golden Globes the Affair is a very well crafted slow release mystery, thriller, drama.

Victoria season 3
Available on DVD
This UK series has been a customer favorite over the last few years and is a must see for fans of the royal family.

true love blooms
Available on DVD

Fantastic romantic cheese well worth watching if it's your sort of thing.

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