Wednesday, February 05, 2020

February 4th new releases

Doctor Sleep
Available on DVD & Blu-Ray
*Movie of the week*
Drama/fantasy/horror sequel to the Shinning

The Good Liar
Available on DVD & Blu-Ray
New UK/USA Crime/Mystery

The Nightingale
Available on DVD
Another award Winner from the award winning Australian director of the award winning Babadook

I see you
Available on DVD
A new thriller staring Helen Hunt

Last Christmas
Available on DVD
2019's big theatrical christmas release

Howards ends
Available on DVD
New UK drama/romance mini series

Anthropocene: the human epoch
Available on DVD
New Documentary from the makers of Manufactured landscapes a leo's Customer favorite. this film is visually stunning.

The man who killer Hitler and the Bigfoot
Available on DVD
Staring Sam Elliot
"looks ridiculous and fun" Leo

Homeland season 7
Available on DVD
One of our best renting T.V shows and Winner of 5 golden globes as well as 55 other wins and 172 other award nominations.

American gods season 2
Available on DVD
"A fantastic grindhouse fantasy show, one of my favourite current T.V shows, visually beautiful" Leo

Letterkenny season 7
Available on DVD
One of Canada's top rated T.V comedy shows of all time.
"ridiculously funny" Leo

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