Monday, February 10, 2020

February 11 new releases

Ford V Ferrari
Available on DVD & Blu-Ray
Winner of 2 Oscars with 2 more nominations including best picture as well as 21 other festival wins and 67 more nominations.

White Snake
Available on DVD & Blu-Ray
The new Ghibli kids (GKIDS) film is a classic Chinese fable that is beautifully animated.

First Love
Available on DVD & Blu-Ray
Takashi Miikes new film
"I am a Takashi Miike fan and I thoroughly enjoyed this action romp, the violence was fun but not as over the top as Miike can often be. The story was better then most action survival films. 7.5/10 for overall entertainment" Leo

Wild nights with emily
Available on DVD
A look at a little known side of writer Emily Dickinson's romantic life.

Battle of Jangsari
Available on DVD
A depiction of the Battle of Incheon during the Korean War in 1950

A score to settle
Available on DVD
**Filmed partially in Kelowna**

Hunt for Vlad the impaler
Available on DVD
B grade fantasy action, won a few fantasy festival awards

Preacher 4th and final season
Available on Blu-Ray
"I love this show, very stylish grindhouse. Good story, beautifully filmed with great action sequences" Leo

Swamp thing  complete show
Available on DVD

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