Sunday, September 02, 2007

September 4th, 2007 Releases

The Wind That Shakes the Barley

Drømmen (We Shall Overcome)

The Death and Life of Bobby Z

"The Office" -Third Season-

Kate Says: Just as funny as the first two seasons. This show never fails to make me laugh.

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride: Hunter S. Thompson on Film

"The Black Donnellys" -First Season-

Kate Says: Unfortunately I have only had the time to watch the pilot episode. From what I've seen, however, this series seems quite promising. The acting is very well done; the storyline is being set up nicely and should prove interesting. "The Black Donnellys" is a stylish crime drama which I look forward to watching more of.

Georgia Rule

Khon fai bin (Dynamite Warrior)

Chui ma lau (Drunken Monkey)

Wind Chill

Kate Says: This movie was actually good. Though it is a thriller/horror, it does not rely on blood and gore, instead providing a scary situation (being stranded on a highway in harsh winter conditions) and an atmosphere of creepiness. "Wind Chill" primarily centers around two characters, and the actors portraying them carry the show very well. Enjoyable and it actually creeped me out a little.

Delta Farce

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