Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 31st, 2007 Releases


Kate Says: What can i say, this movie is an awesome watch. The graphics are just amazing; the story is, of course, really cool, heroic, action packed etc. but it's the special effects and overall graphics that make the movie uniquely great in its genre. If you're looking for an accurate, historical docu-drama, this is not the movie as it's a comic based film intended to entertain - and entertain it does. So, whether you're watching for the adrenaline-charged action, intense fight scenes, or the scantily clad Spartans, "300" will not dissapoint!

Hot Fuzz

Kate Says: Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are back with their slap-stick, dry, dark humour, awesome! Honestly, I still like "Shaun of the Dead" better. However, "Hot Fuzz" is a ridiculously funny yet action-packed satirical comedy that delivers on the laughs as well as the action scenes. The final scene, had it not been intended as a spoof, would probably earn the title of one of the best action sequences out there; even with the intentional humour, it's still a pretty sweet scene. If you enjoyed "Shaun of the Dead" you'll enjoy this film. If you haven't seen either, make sure to watch both!


Kate Says: I'll begin with the good: "Pathfinder" has some artistically intense and gory battle and fight scenes. Had the movie been more primarily action-focused, it would have been really awesome; I mean, Native Americans and a native-raised scandanavian dude kicking vicious Viking ass, you can't go wrong. But they sort of did. The problem with this movie is that they tried to include a nice little dramatic story and romance, but I'm pretty sure everyone going to see this was looking just for the action. Not to mention, with the exception of a few, the acting was not really great (decent, but they should have stuck to fighting and not talking). One thing that I don't like is how many people seemed to hate this movie for its historical innacuracies and for portraying Scandanavians (specifically Norwegians) as bloodthirstie killers. Like "300", "Pathfinder" is not intended as a historical docu-drama; in fact, the opening scene states that what follows is a legend, not fact. As for the negative portrayal, well, they were Vikings. They were supposed to be portraying some of the nastiest, scariest bloodthirsty pillagers in history. So, the action is great in this movie but they should have left out the romantic/drama sidestory; the ending is admittedly very cliche and if they had put some nice scandanavian black metal on the soundtrack, the movie would have been pretty sweet.

Lonely Hearts

Roving Mars



Ne le dis à personne (Tell No One)

The Situation


Rap Sheet: Hip-Hop and the Cops

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 24th, 2007 Releases

The Number 23

Kate Says: "The Number 23" is on my list of favourite movies. A psycholocial thriller, 23 is filled with twists and suspense. This is one of those movies that, the second time you watch, you wonder how you didn't figure out certain things the first time. Basically, it's a movie that won't take you 4 watches to figure out, but at the same time, 10mins. in, you're not going to know how it ends. Jim Carrey is great as a the main, paranoid character; he has done serious roles before but he is primarily known as a comedian, yet he shows his talent in this movie, proving he can stray successfully from comedy. Not to mention he's pretty easy on the eyes as Walter Sparrow, so this movie has that going for it as well. I really enjoyed the scenes in which parts of the '23' book are acted out; they contrast yet mimic the main storyline very nicely. Suspenseful and genuinely surprising, "The Number 23" may have you re-assessing your social insurance number, birthday, drivers license number etc., and will certianly enterain you. A must see.


Kate Says: I definately put this on par with 2003's "Monster" for which Charlize Theron won best actress (proving that not all serial-killer based movies are crap!) In fact, I liked "Zodiac" even more. This movie was just so well done, wonderfully acted and beautifully executed; it certainly was one of the year's best films. Now, the fact that it is about one of America's most notorious killers shouldn't dissuade you from seeing this movie as it is definately anything but a gorefest or slasher flick; it does provide some moments of true creepiness and some disturbing images, but there is absolutely nothing gratuatous about it. Wonderful.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Kate Says: What an amazing movie. I have yet to read the book, but look forward to doing so having seen this movie. Everything about it is wonderful: the acting, the directing, the story. I loved it and I especially loved the ending; without revealing too much I will just say that I appreciate that it was nowhere near a cliche Hollywood ending and left a profound feeling and message. A little strange (but in the good way), "Perfume" is a great, creepy, yet beautiful film that will certainly leave you thinking about it for some time after viewing it. 10/10

The Contract


Gwoemul (The Host)

Kate Says: "The Host" was not what I expected; rather than a genuinely creepy horror/thriller, it's more of an action/sci-fi/horror...similar to movies like 'Jaws,' this one is a nice little monster flick. The acting was pretty great, the special effects were nicely done and the overall production was good. All in all, this was an entertaining and somewhat suspenseful, often funny movie.

Iluminados por el fuego (Blessed by Fire)

Slow Burn

The Big Bad Swim

July 3rd - 17th, 2007 Releases

**Please Note** Due to the internet at the store being down, I am compiling this list at home and therefore it is likely that there are one or two titles I have left out or added although we did not actually order them. I appologize and will try to update as soon as I can. - Kate

The Last Mimzy

The Astronaut Farmer


The Hills Have Eyes II

Kate Says: Not as good as the first one, but nontheless "The Hills Have Eyes 2" was an entertaining, gory and jumpy action/horror flick.

Driving Lessons

Factory Girl

An Unreasonable Man

An Unreasonable Man

Discovery Channel: Shark Week [4 Disk Set] -"Anatomy of a Shark Bite "

Kate Says: I watched two of the episodes on the first disk (one of which is in the link provided above) and although this is discovery channel (often and usually incorrectly believed to be boring) it was quite amazing and entertaining. The part I liked the most was how all of the shark attack survivors that they interviewed show no animosity towards sharks; they realize that they were in the shark's habitat and that it simply reacted naturally. I really appreciate that this collection is not trying to perpetuate the 'fear sharks, they're monsters!' stereotype. Interesting, informative, sometimes frightening and fun!

Standing Still

Anges exterminateurs, Les (Exterminating Angels)

Iraq in Fragments

Journey to the End of the Night

Ma fille, mon ange (My Daughter, My Angel)



Grbavica (Esma's Secret)

Kerd ma lui

Big Nothing