Friday, June 15, 2007

June 19th, 2007 Releases

Bridge to Terabithia

Reno 911!: Miami

Kate Says: I'll be honest: compared to the show (which I love) this movie was quite different and not as good. However, having said that, if you haven't seen the show, or ignore the fact that it's based on that, "Reno 911! Miami" was actually a great, "stupid, gauranteed-laughs" comedy. It's pretty crude in some parts, hilarious in others ("I just had a crazy dream!" "You do know you're driving, right?") and pretty true to the characters as portrayed on the show. But on the TV show, the characters are stupid yet believable people; in the movie, they were moreso caricatures of the TV personalities. Again, "Reno 911!" the TV show is, in my opinion, much better than the movie, but since the movie is pretty different than the show, they're both good in their own rites. 7.5/10

Miss Potter

Kate Says: An enjoyable little drama. I remember reading the Beatrix Potter books as a kid, but I never knew anything about the author. "Miss Potter" is a bio/drama about her life and her works. Since I knew nothing of her life previously, I cannot say whether or not this movie is accurate, but nothing seemed unbelievable. It turns out that as well as being a beloved children's author and illustrator, Beatrix Potter was an interesting, strong lady. In a time where women were expected to marry a "suitable" man chosen by their parents, she declined and chose instead a life as a single woman with a career. She bought her own house with her own money etc. and did not rely on her parents or a man; this was considered very odd, even disgraceful in the early 1900's. For anyone who loved the books as a child, this movie will be very enjoyable. Even if you haven't read the books, "Miss Potter" is an interesting, witty and ultimately tragic movie.

The Bridge

Kate Says: "The Bridge" is a documentary about San Fransisco's famous Golden Gate Bridge and the disturbing fact that in 2004 alone 24 people jumped to their death, adding to the 1000+ people who have commited suicide there since its construction over 50 years ago. Essentially, this documentary was made to bring attention to a scary fact: despite the fact that a person jumps from the bridge roughly every two weeks, the only thing preventing this is a four-foot-high railing. For fifty years people have been trying to get a suicide barrier put up, and the director has made this film hoping to draw attention to this issue, and the general issue of suicide. I actually watched the entire film thinking that they had done a fantastic job of 'dramatic reinactments' because I didn't think that people would actually film others' suicides for a movie. As it turns out, each of the jumps in "The Bridge" are actual suicides caught on camera. At first this kind of sickened me; why would someone film another person's death without trying to help, and then make money off of it? Well, the film crew had cameras set up by GGB for the entire year of 2004. Everytime they saw what they percieved to be a potential jumper, they called the bridge patrol immediately; they actually saved 6 lives. It's kind of a sketchy issue, but all-in-all this documentary is haunting, well-done and informative. The director is very strong in his point that he is not glorifying or encouraging suicide, but at the same time not condemning suicide 'victims' as heartless, twisted monsters. Instead, this film draws attention to mental illnesses and that the issue of the lack of prevention on this particular structure. Disturbing, sad, heartwrenching and unbelievable, "The Bridge" is a profound, moving film.

Tara Road

Kate Says: Based on the novel by Maeve Binchy, "Tara Road" has a a made-for-tv quality to it, and the acting is not phenomenal but it is pretty good. The story was a great character-driven drama, and (according to my mother) quite accurately based on the book. I actually enjoyed this movie: it wasn't great overall (production, lighting etc), but it had a good story, interesting characters and an uplifting feel to it.

The Abandoned

Kate Says: What a surprise, this movie was actually a good film. More of a supernatural thriller than a horror, "The Abandoned" featured great acting, a good, suspenseful plot, many twists and turns and a nice amount of gore. Don't let the cover fool you: this is much more than your average b-horror flick. For anyone who enjoys a good thriller and can put up with adequate blood and disturbing images, this is a great pick. Loved it.



Friday, June 08, 2007

June 12th, 2007 Releases

Ghost Rider

Leo Says: Pretty sweet. The special effects were great Nicky boy was actualy realy quit good (he is the reason that I did not whant to see this film). Overall I realy enjoyed watching Ghost Rider.
I will say that I felt that it should have had some good blood spray and far more morbid content since The Gost Rider is suposed to be Satans Hitman.


Leo Says: Very enjoyable watch, well acted, well written and well directed. This film is based on the True story of the only guy ever to infultrait the FBI (at least thats there claim).. Almost as good as the GOOD SHEPHERD and easyer to follow.

Snow Cake

Kate Says: A sad yet uplifting Canadian drama; a great people-story; funny where it needs to be and effective overall.

The Dead Girl


Jesse Stone: Night Passage

Kate Says: Tom Selleck plays an LA police chief who relocates to a small-town in this prequal to "Stone Cold." "Night Passage" was actually pretty great; it's not overly fast paced as it's more of a cop-drama than an action flick, but it's also not 'slow.' I quite enjoyed this, and Tom Selleck gets bonus points for having a sweet moustache. The acting is all good, it's got an interesting storyline, Tom Selleck kicks some a** and if you enjoy this movie there are two more in the series.

Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise

"Masters of Horror" - The Screwfly Solution

Kate Says: I quite liked this little film; it delivers the suspense, contains adequate gore and is entertaining. Somewhat of a sci-fi-horror, starring Jason Priestly (90210, awesome!), "The Screwfly Solution" deals with an epidemic in which men, globally, are viciously slaughtering all women. A deadly scheme to erradicate the human race perhaps? "The Earth is a garden and humans are pests."

The Mad

Kate Says: I actually loved this movie. Before anything, it needs to be said that"The Mad" is definately more of a comedy than a horror, and has a very campy style to it. Why they used a generic low-grade zombie picture for the cover, I do not know, but it does not indicate what the movie is like at all. For some reason the first 10 or so minutes seemed fairly lame, but once the 'mad-cow-people' start attacking, it gets pretty hilarious. There were one or two very brief segments (you'll know what I mean if you watch it - the first involves Billy Zane's character and his girlfriend outside the restaurant) in which the director seemed to be trying too hard to do something artsy..or something.. but thankfully these weird segments are only about 30 seconds long. All in all, "The Mad" was a great b-'horror'/comedy that I wasn't expecting at all. I actually laughed out loud throughout a lot of the movie, and there's also adequate gore and gross-ness. Don't go into it expecting an oscar-worthy film (obviously) but this movie was very highly entertaining. Much much better than the cover would indicate.

Unnatural & Accidental


Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron

Indigènes - Days of Glory (French)