Sunday, May 20, 2007

May 22, 2007 Releases

Kate Says: Mesmerising. Brutal. Amazing. I'll start by addressing the issue that apparently "Apocalytpo" is quite innaccurate, linguistically speaking. Since Mel Gibson no doubt has the funds and access to the means necessary to get the ancient Mayan language as accurate as possible, it's unfortunate that this is the case. Having said that, I, admittedly, have no knowledge about the Mayan language, so they could have been speaking something completely made-up and I'd be none the wiser, and I'm sure that goes for the majority of people who'll be watching this as well. From the little research I've done on the Mayan people in the past, the costumes, weapons, houses etc. all seemed to be very accurate, not to mention very ornate and beautiful. There are several scenes of brutal violence in this movie, and they're done in a way that I actually felt quite queasy after a particular scene on the Mayan pyramids; this wasn't because the scenes were grotesquely gory, but rather because of the fact that it seems very real, and it's pretty sickening, some of the things people will do to each other. Honestly, it's difficult to sum this movie up in a short review. Wonderfully done, beautifully filmed, well acted: "Apocalypto" is definately a must-see. 9/10
Leo says: I have listend to many people talking about the historical inacuracies of this film. Mah! Is all I have to say to that. I loved it if it was acurate it would be either boring or a great documentary and lets face it most of us will watch this to see action not art and realism. I loved it through and through, lots of action and crazy sets. All the acting and directing seemed to be on par with most of the biggest hollywoof films. I say well worth the time is one is not sqeemish 9.5/10.

Italianetz (The Italian)

Kate Says: The newest from Wes Craven, "The Breed" was surprisingly good. I wasn't expecting much more than the usual horror-movie cheese, primarily because the cover of this DVD is sorta lame, but to my surprise i was met with a good, well-acted, well-written etc. little horror flick. Without giving away the plot/ending, I will just say that I was very glad that the vicious dogs did not turn out to be zombie/ghost/robot dogs or anything like that. One of the crew members, in the bonus footage, likened "The Breed" to Hitchcock's "Birds," and while "The Breed" doesn't quite stand against Hitchcock's masterpiece, I understand what the guy meant: rather than resorting to zombie-dogs or something of a similar nature, the use of the family-pet-gone-bad is actually much more frightening as it's actually plausible. Having been attacked by a dog when I was a child, this movie actually freaked me out in the way that if I had run into a dog on the street after watching it, I'd probably cross to the other side of the road. Starring Michelle Rodriguez, Tarryn Manning and Oliver Hudson, the acting was quite good, as was the writing, directing etc. "The Breed" wasn't overly gory, but it was decently creepy. For a horror flick, 7.5/10.

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