Sunday, May 20, 2007

May 31st/June 5th 2007 Releases

June 05th, 2007

The Messengers

Kate Says: A creepy-good time! "The Messengers" has some genuinely creepy imagery, a good twist and an actual story-line. The whole children-seeing-ghosts-but-are-too-young-to-talk-and-explain thing is pretty much really eerie to me, and apparently this movie is based on true events which, if true, is quite scary, but doubtfully real. All-in-all, "The Messengers" contains good acting, creepiness and keeps you entertained.


Albert Fish

Kate Says: "Albert Fish" is a documentary detailing the case of one of America's most depraved, disturbed and abhorrent killers. Definately not for those with a weak stomach, this movie is not graphically gory, but you can't tell the story of Albert Fish without it being disturbing. Fish was one of the most disturbing, twisted killers in the last hundred-or-so years, possibly ever: to sum it up, for those not familiar with the case, this monster tortured, killed and ate children. He then wrote very graphic and detailed letters describing the afore-mentioned events and mailed them to a few of his victims' families. So, like I said, this story really can't be told without being gory and awful but this film does not go for gratuatous images of horror, instead telling the story over video footage from the early 1900's (when the murders took place) and adding in re-inactments. Fortunately, none of the reinactments involve the actual murders, which seems to be for the best, but unfortunately the reinactments aren't done by superb actors. Nonetheless, if you're interested in learning about one of the most infamous, sick and horrendous men in history, "Albert Fish" is worth the watch.

"Chappelle's Show" - The Best of Chapelle's Show

Kate Says: A decent B-horror flick, "Shadow Walkers" is about what you'd expect from such; for what it is, it's fairly good and if you're in the mood for somewhat cheesy gore, this is a good pick.

Toi et moi (You and Me)

En la cama (In Bed)
MAY 31st, 2007

Hannibal Rising

Leo Says: Oh so very good. Silence of the lambs gets bonus points for being the original but otherwise this was as good as any in the series. the young man who plays Hannibal is awsome the script and storyline kept there integrity. Through and through it is a great watch. For those of you who are squeemish the 18A rating is well deserved but at the same time the brutality is justified. 8.7/10

Kate Says: Ditto on everything Leo said. To add to that, Anthony Hopkins is a hard act to follow and Gaspard Ulliel definately did the part justice. "Hanibal Rising" does a good job of explaining why Hannibal-the-cannibal became a charming yet frightening killer, delivers the chills and thrills and contains some pretty disturbing war-related content. For fans of the Hannibal movies, this is a must see. For everyone else, if you aren't too squeamish, this is worth your time.

"Disinfo Nation"

Flannel Pajamas

Half Past Dead 2

"Lucky Louie"


Spaceman: A Baseball Odyssey

May 22, 2007 Releases

Kate Says: Mesmerising. Brutal. Amazing. I'll start by addressing the issue that apparently "Apocalytpo" is quite innaccurate, linguistically speaking. Since Mel Gibson no doubt has the funds and access to the means necessary to get the ancient Mayan language as accurate as possible, it's unfortunate that this is the case. Having said that, I, admittedly, have no knowledge about the Mayan language, so they could have been speaking something completely made-up and I'd be none the wiser, and I'm sure that goes for the majority of people who'll be watching this as well. From the little research I've done on the Mayan people in the past, the costumes, weapons, houses etc. all seemed to be very accurate, not to mention very ornate and beautiful. There are several scenes of brutal violence in this movie, and they're done in a way that I actually felt quite queasy after a particular scene on the Mayan pyramids; this wasn't because the scenes were grotesquely gory, but rather because of the fact that it seems very real, and it's pretty sickening, some of the things people will do to each other. Honestly, it's difficult to sum this movie up in a short review. Wonderfully done, beautifully filmed, well acted: "Apocalypto" is definately a must-see. 9/10
Leo says: I have listend to many people talking about the historical inacuracies of this film. Mah! Is all I have to say to that. I loved it if it was acurate it would be either boring or a great documentary and lets face it most of us will watch this to see action not art and realism. I loved it through and through, lots of action and crazy sets. All the acting and directing seemed to be on par with most of the biggest hollywoof films. I say well worth the time is one is not sqeemish 9.5/10.

Italianetz (The Italian)

Kate Says: The newest from Wes Craven, "The Breed" was surprisingly good. I wasn't expecting much more than the usual horror-movie cheese, primarily because the cover of this DVD is sorta lame, but to my surprise i was met with a good, well-acted, well-written etc. little horror flick. Without giving away the plot/ending, I will just say that I was very glad that the vicious dogs did not turn out to be zombie/ghost/robot dogs or anything like that. One of the crew members, in the bonus footage, likened "The Breed" to Hitchcock's "Birds," and while "The Breed" doesn't quite stand against Hitchcock's masterpiece, I understand what the guy meant: rather than resorting to zombie-dogs or something of a similar nature, the use of the family-pet-gone-bad is actually much more frightening as it's actually plausible. Having been attacked by a dog when I was a child, this movie actually freaked me out in the way that if I had run into a dog on the street after watching it, I'd probably cross to the other side of the road. Starring Michelle Rodriguez, Tarryn Manning and Oliver Hudson, the acting was quite good, as was the writing, directing etc. "The Breed" wasn't overly gory, but it was decently creepy. For a horror flick, 7.5/10.

Friday, May 04, 2007

May 8th, 2007 Releases

The Painted Veil

Kate Says: "The Painted Veil" is an absolutely amazing, tragic and beautiful story. The cinematogrophy is stunning; the acting is amazingly done - Naomi Watts and Edward Norton play their characters wonderfully, and adaptation of of W. Somerset Maugham's novel is suberb overall. Taking place primarily in China, in 1925, "The Painted Veil" is a love story, but is also much more than that, centering around a cholera pandemic in China and the terrible losses surrounding this brutal affliction. This is simply a beautiful, wonderful film, and I would highly reccomend it; it definately rates a 10/10.

Music and Lyrics

Kate Says: I really enjoyed this film. It's actually quite funny, especially for those familiar with the 80's pop-music scene. Of course, being a hollywood-romantic-comedy, it does succumb to some obvious cliches, but since I was expecting that, it didn't ruin the movie or anything. "Music and Lyrics" would be a great film to watch with your mom for mother's day, or if you're just in the mood for a light, uplifting and amusing movie. For what it was, I'd give it an 8/10.

Because I Said So

Kate Says: Compared to "Music and Lyrics," "Because I Said So" is more of a chick-flick drama comedy, but definately not a laugh-out-loud hilarious comedy. Essentially it's a movie about the mother-daughter dynamic, as well as the search for 'Mr. Right.' This movie was nice and light, although it had the right amount of depth that it needed for the story line. Diane Keaton was fairly annoying in the beginning, although that's mostly due to the character she was playing. I was impressed, but not floored. "Because I Said So" is a decent chick flick, and I'd give it an 7/10 fort its genre.

Catch and Release

"Trailer Park Boys" - Season 6

Kate Says: Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Mr. Lahey and Randy are back, in all their trashy glory. As with the previous five seasons, this is a great, hilarious season full of amusing Ricky-isms, piss jugs, jailarity and just generally wonderful deliquency.

Breaking and Entering

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

Deliver Us from Evil

Kate Says: This was a well-done documentary examining the issue of child-molestation and the Catholic church. While it obviously does not condone or promote the sick act of child abuse in any way, it is otherwise fairly un-biased. Mainly, it's not saying "all catholic priests are child-molesters," and instead it simply looks at the abhorrent and unfortunate cases in which this is true. To be honest, I couldn't sit through the whole thing. It's not in any way graphic or obscene, but I just couldn't stomach listening to this man describe, so calmly, how he abused children. "Deliver Us From Evil" contains interviews with the families of the child-victims, interviews with the priests, bishops etc. involved, court-room footage and the victims themselves. This film focuses more on the issues surrounding the punishment or lackthereof given to the priests; it's not merely an account of the abuse itself.

Until Death

Kate Says: This is what you'd expect from a Van Damme movie; action packed, a lot of killing, violence, not a whole lot of thinking required etc. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of this type of movie, but I actually sat through this with my boyfriend and somewhat enjoyed it. He is a fan of this genre, and he seemed to really like it so I suppose that means that for the Van Damme fans out there, it's a good film.