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May 2nd, 2007 Releases

Alpha Dog

Kate Says: I went into this film not expecting a whole lot, but was pleasantly surprised. I think one of the main deterrents for people is the fact that Justin Timberlake is in it: hey, as it turns out the guy is a pretty good actor. For some reason he seemed to be over-acting in the first few scenes, but as the film goes on it turns out he's actually quite good, and the initial acting seems to be due moreso to his character than his acting ability. The entire cast does a pretty solid job; Ben Foster is particularly excellent as Jake Mazursky. The ending is actually very surprising (unless you are familiar with the story, which I was not). The follow-up ending was pretty choppy and disjointed, but since it was based on actual events and each of the several characters' stories come to an end at varying intervals of time, I understand that the ending couldn't really go fluidly while staying true to the actual timeline. "Alpha Dog" is based, fairly accurately, on a bizarre, actual kidnapping that happened a few years back. The names have been changed, but if you're interested in the real story look up "Jesse James Hollywood," although I would very much advise doing so after watching this film, as to not ruin the ending.
Leo Says: I was very pleased with this film I felt the acting was very accurate, the characters reactions to situations were almost spot on and even mister Timberlake was good, though dude who played the skin/crackhead was definitely the best. 8 out of 10.


Little Children

The Hitcher

Kate Says: I thoroughly enjoyed "The Hitcher." It's not going to win any Oscars, but it was a great thriller/horror film. Sean Bean is quite convincing as the deranged psycho, and the entire cast was fairly strong. This film had adequate suspense, good startling scenes and a healthy amount of violence/gore. As far as Hollywood horror flicks go, I'd give this one an 8.5/10
Leo Says: I agree with Kate. Also I have really been enjoying the latest slough of horror films. This one was well played and had plenty of fast paced and suspenseful violence that made me chuckle like an evil baby.

Topo, El

Kate Says: Brutal. Eerie. Disturbing. Spiritual. Beautiful.

The Holy Mountain

Leo Says: So, take one wacky and twisted artist and tell him to make a film about Jesus seeking gold and power in the world of big business through crazy spiritual rituals, add a bunch of naked people a giant hook a midget with no arms or legs a few bottles of booze a couple a joints and then mash it together and film it. Now what would you get? Apparently you get the holy mountain and it is neeto.
I have been looking for this film for over 12 years and even with 12years of waiting and building up anticipation and all that jazz I was very pleased and can not wait to see the rest of his films. 10 out of 10.

Fando y Lis


Kate Says: I was quite impressed with this film. "Archangel" is an action/drama/thriller revolving around Josef Stalin, and a fictional mysterious personal notebook of his. Daniel Craig plays a historian who finds himself in the middle of a dangerous cover up by the government. The acting is quite well done, there is substantial suspense and it doesn't try to pass itself off as a historical-docu-drama. Honestly, I didn't like the ending - it seemed very abrupt-, although the overall enjoyment of the film was not tarnished by this. A decent thriller, I'd give "Archangel" a 7/10.

Bluthochzeit, Die (The Wedding Party)

Kate Says: "The Wedding Party" is a very odd, intense somewhat creepy film rich with dark, sardonic humour. A wedding day begins quite normally, but takes a turn for the worse when the father of the bride refuses to pay the bill for the wedding dinner due to a disagreement with the restaurant owner; a standoff begins when the owner takes the bride and her mother-in-law hostage and things just get weirder from there. A quirky, dark and ultimately entertaining movie, "The Wedding Party" is a German film and definitely has a European feel to it; for those who do not watch a lot of foreign films or enjoy them, the humour may be lost. This is definitely not the type of film you would find in Hollywood; it is definitely worth a watch.

Who the Fuck Is Jackson Pollock?

Griffin & Phoenix

Moustache, La

Language:French / English / Cantonese

Illegal Aliens

Cast: Anna Nicole Smith, Joanie Laurer
Trivia: Anna Nicole Smith's last film. more

10 Items or Less

TĂȘtes interverties, Les (la cravate)("The Severed Head" or "The Transposed Heads"

Kate Says: "La Cravate" is Alejandro Jodorowsky's directorial debut. This film, a 1953 remake of Thomas Mann's 'The Transposed Heads,' was lost for 50 years, only to be found in an attic in Germany in 2006. Although it is quite short, it is very interesting; choreographed beautifully, it is about a girl who sells heads which you can exchange for you own. The message was summed up nicely by Jodorowsky himself: "You are not a body who has a spirit, you are a spirit who has a body." A unique little piece of art.

Peindre ou faire l'amour (To Paint of Make Love)

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