Friday, March 02, 2007

March 6th 2007 Releases

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Kate Says: I loved it. Sascha Baron Cohen is simply brilliant; "Da Ali G Show" has always been hilarious and "Borat" does not dissapoint. A commentary on our society, "Borat" is sheer genius. Understandably, on the surface it may appear to some as an anti-semetic, politically incorrect blunder. Not the case. First of all, Cohen is Jewish himself. By making the Borat character anti-semetic, it allows other people to let their gaurd down and expose their own racism. Similarly, by portraying Borat as the stereotypical bumbling-idiot-foreigner, Cohen exposes people's ignorance to other cultures. The reactions Borat gets indicate that many people actually believe foreigners to be, frankly, uneducated, bass-ackwards idiots. There have been complaints that he pokes too much fun at the country of Kazakhstan; for one thing, this movie has succesfully put Kazakhstan 'on the map', and secondly....what country doesn't have embarassing and innacurate stereotypes? If we are to believe media stereotypes to be true, than obviously we Canadians are all hockey loving, beer drinking, polar bear hunting mounties, eh? Although "Borat" is an intelligent social commentary, it is also extremely hilarious and watchable whether or not you're looking for a debate on cultural differences.
Leo Says: Damn straight. Unlike kate I have not realy enjoyed Da Ali G Show in the past I will now try again cuz after seeing this peice of geniuse I am sure his show has to be worth my time.
Borat is a smart well writen cheracter played to a T.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

Leo Says: This is my pick of the week. This story is narated by the main cheracter "Dito" as an adult, though it is primeraly about him and his asshole friends as teens. Like many befor it this is a comming of age story only its better then most, it deals with everyday teen violence-not overly exagerated but instead realistic slopy teen fights

Fast Food Nation

Megs says: This film provides some insight into the appaling situation of the fast food industry in North America. Although it wasn't really what I expected, I did enjoy this approach to the issue. I felt that it would have been a much better film if it had been either a documentary, more closely related to the book it was based on, or a satire similar to "Thank You For Smoking." Worth a watch if you want to learn something and be entertained at the same time.


Let's Go to Prison



Song for a Raggy Boy

Kate Says: This movie was excellent; wonderful acting etc. However, as it deals with very heavy and disturbing subject matter, it was difficult to watch at times. Based on a true story, it takes place in a reformatory school for boys in 1940's Ireland. "Song for a Raggy Boy" deals with the sexual, physical and emotional abuse that was administered by the priests assigned to care for these boys. Fortunately a teacher who is against this abhorrent abuse and genuinely wants to teach these boys and improve their lives is assigned to the school; though this sounds cheesy, it is anything but. This movie is very moving, gritty and disturbing, but definately worth watching.

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