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March 27, 2007 Releases

The Pursuit of Happyness

Children of Men

Kate Says: I really enjoyed this movie. It was much less sci-fi-ish than I expected; the image of the future 20 years from now given in this movie is very plausable and does not look much different from today. The acting was very well done and the story is really interesting. Essentially, in 2009 humans stopped being able to reproduce, and this movie takes place in 2027. The plot centers around a young fugative woman who is miraculously pregnant, and the fight to get her to a safe place since the world is in turmoil and every political party would love to use the first born baby as support to their cause. Alfonso Cuaron, the director, tried to get every scene in one take, to make it appear more "real and raw." He definately succeeded in doing so, and this take on the movie adds to the interest. All-in-all "Children of Men" is a good watch; part action, sci-fi, drama and thriller, it is something most everyone can enjoy.

Kate Says: The cinemetography, set and costumes in this movie were simply gorgeous. The palace in which it takes place is probably the most visually appealing set I have ever seen in a movie; though rightfully it should come off as gaudy, with an abundant use of gold and vibrant colour, it fits the time period etc. and therefore is simply aesthetically appealing. I think this movie is worth the watch simply for the visual appeal alone. Fortunately it is worth a watch otherwise as well; a dramatic, suspenseful action film, "Curse of the Golden Flower" keeps you wondering what will happen, delivers with magnificant and artistically directed fight scenes and is sucessfully dramatic; wonderful acting as well. I highly recomend this film.



Kate Says: I'll be honest; I went into this film very low expectations, figuring I'd be watching a low budget B horror movie. Surprisingly, it was quite a good film. In fact, it was almost more of an action/thriller but with some very gory scenes, allowing it to fit into the horror genre. The acting was good, and the plot was interesting. Taking place in Brazil, there are some very beautiful scenes on beaches and in under-water caves. As well, this was one of those rare horror films in which I hoped the main characters survived. "Turistas" is a suprisingly good watch.

Find Love

Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj

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