Monday, March 12, 2007

March 13 2007 Releases

Casino Royale

Harsh Times

Kate Says: I actually quite enjoyed this movie. It's fairly slow-paced but it has a few action/kill scenes that make it more exciting. The main issue I've heard expressed with this movie is Christian Bale's accent. Granted, hearing him say "yo, let's party, homie" is slighty unnerving at first since we're not used to seeing Christian in roles where the character speaks any less than eloquently, but you soon get passed that (I did within the first few minutes). The acting was all-over well done, and though it is slow the story keeps you interested. Not the fast-paced action movie it may appear to be, but "Harsh Times" is definately worth the watch.

The Holiday


Now You Know

Land of Plenty

Hell to Pay

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