Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dec 19 2006 Realeses

Huo Yuan Jia (JET LI's FEARLESS)

Leo Says: This movie rocks. Tones of fight scenes lots of style and plenty of totly unrealistic stunts. Just what one ought to whant from Jet Li.

Little Miss Sunshine

Bon Cop, Bad Cop

A Scanner Darkly

Leo Says: From those who brought us the great Waking Life namely Richard Linklater comes a crazy dark halucination of a film. I loved it.

Lady in the Water

Step Up

Leo Says: This one was a little more something for my Girlfriend but I did enjoy it as a fast paced entertainment kinda movie. I would say that over all this has the best dancing out of the recent pop coulter dance films.


All the King's Men

The Celestine Prophecy

Leo Says: Kinda had a tbs made for T.V. feel to it but having said that this is not the kind of film were the production value is all that important. They seamed to capture the essens of the story quite well. Over all I realy enjoyed it. Even with all the action it was still a very peacfull story.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Winter Passing

Conversations with Other Women

Stormbreaker (Alex Rider)

Leo Says: I caought the end of this and It looked surprisingly good Kind of a Agent Cody Banks type of thing but british and a bit more grown up. Looked plenty fastpace and had some nice action sequences.

The Wicker Man

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