Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Covid 19

Current Hours and how Covid 19 will affect Leo's Videos
Thur 11-4
Fri closed
Sat & Sun  12-6
SALES only
Everything is for sale now.

**Yes we have this and next weeks new films and yes you can buy them**
*we also have a bunch of new board games and more coming*

Due to recommended best practices I have given my staff the choice to work or isolate. 3, myself included
have chosen to isolate so for Taylor and Alex this is goodbye, Mik and Emily will work the weekend this
week and if they feel comfortable to do so they will also work next Saturday and Sunday 12-6. I will have
my last day working directly with customers Thursday (tomorrow), with a new baby at home I feel it is
prudent to minimize risks for myself and family.
We believe that by month's end it will be inappropriate to stay open in any capacity and with heavy hearts
we will Close Leo's Videos.
We feel that this closure will likely last for long enough to do irreparable damage to our business so we have
chosen to immediately stop renting and put our whole stock of 24,000+ titles up for sale. For collectors this
will be a final opportunity to find those films you have been looking for and for the casual movie fan a chance
to stockpile a selection for viewing during these extended periods at home.

Once all is said and done we will still have 20,000+ titles leftover. Unless someone flat-out buys the collection
for their own business venture I will build some kind of online movie sales business where you will be able
to purchase from our collection.

Many of you have credits with us. If you have a credit with us please try to use it. We will do our best to
contact you and help you figure out how to use it but if you can make contact with us that helps immensely. 
You can DM me on facebook, call the store or email and I will get in touch with you
to work it out.

We are deeply sorry that this is very likely the end of Leo’s Videos as a physical shop and hope to see you
all online in the future. We have so many great memories serving the community of Kelowna and we wish
you all the best.

Thank you all
I will truly miss what we had.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

March 10th New Releases

Available on DVD & Blu-Ray
This Biography drama Won one oscar and was nominated for 2 more as well as 22 other awards and 51 nomination. This is the movie of the week and one we think everyone should watch.

Charlies Angels
Available on DVD and Blu-Ray
Big budget action explody extravaganza of explody action fun.

The Goldfinch
Available on DVD
A small drama with a huge worldwide Boxoffice of over $330million and a audience favorite.

The Velocipastor
Available on DVD
Ridiculous comedy action adventure that is fun in a terrible way.

Trauma center
Available on Blu-Ray
Action, thriller.

Seven Worlds One Planet
Available on DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K
Very high end BBC nature series the 4K is unbelievably beautiful to watch.

The Affair: final season
Available on DVD
Winner of 3 Golden Globes the Affair is a very well crafted slow release mystery, thriller, drama.

Victoria season 3
Available on DVD
This UK series has been a customer favorite over the last few years and is a must see for fans of the royal family.

true love blooms
Available on DVD

Fantastic romantic cheese well worth watching if it's your sort of thing.

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

New releases March 03 2020

A beautiful day in the neighbourhood
Available on DVD and Blu-Ray
Nominated for a best actor Oscar and the most loved film of 2019 by audiences..

Dark Waters
Available on DVD and Blu-Ray
Highly rated corporate crime drama based on a true story.

Roma Criterion edition
Available on DVD
One of 2018s biggest award Winners with 3 Oscars, 252 other wins and 207 nominations.

Queen & Slim
Available on DVD
Winner of 10 festival awards, nominated for another 27 awards. We expect this to be one of the better films of the year.

WE  (Wij)
Available on DVD
Teens experimenting with sex, violence and some drugs. Not particularly highly rated due to some extreme behaviour but well liked by the right audience.

Available on DVD
French, Hebrew and English comedy

Playmobile the movie
Available on DVD

Vienna Blood  season 1
Available on DVD
New 3 episode UK murder mystery